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It is a fact that wherever you go, there is no such place as the safest place in the world. The world news tells us about the rapid growth of crimes everywhere. Criminals, burglars, thieves, and bad people are found everywhere. They said the root of all these evil doings is money. Due to the security threats, the demands to install security cameras in the home  have greatly increased. It is because many people these days are concerned about their security and safety.
Security systems have become a necessity in securing homes, offices, or buildings. Wireless systems for business and home security cameras are trending these days because it helps people save some money from installation costs and expenses. It is considered cheaper than the wired security systems because you will not have to spend much on expensive wires and cables. Learn more about the types of wireless security systems will help determine and decide the suitable system you need for your home.
Analog Wireless Security System
Analog wireless is a type of security system in which the video and audio signals are transmitted through radio frequencies. This radio frequency can reach up to 91 meters in an open area; however, barriers such as doors, walls, or furniture will affect the frequency of the video and audio. Nowadays, most of the security camera systems that are wireless operate with 2.4GHz frequency. Electronic devices that run on 2.4GHz frequency are microwaves, controllers for the video games, cordless phones, wireless routers, and etc. These devices may cause interruptions with any wireless security systems installed. If you get a wireless analog security system that has 900 MHz, it is most likely to work properly on wireless because it will not affect the signal of others within the network.
Wireless Digital Security Cameras
A digital wireless security camera transmits the video analog signals and its audio signals that are saved on digital packets on a high-capacity radio frequency. It has a longer and wider coverage compared to the analog. Wireless digital security cameras can reach up to 450 feet in an open space. Digital security systems also have good quality audio and video resolutions. This also enables the receiver and the camera to have two-way transmission. Digital security cameras give you the capability to record the surveillance videos taken from the cameras installed.
Generally, wireless home security cameras are more famous nowadays compared to the analog security systems. It is the most comprehensive security system that everybody can utilize without spending so much money on installation expenses.